News Daily Spot: Latino activists in the US look incredulous about Trump new immigration plan

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Latino activists in the US look incredulous about Trump new immigration plan

Latino activists today expressed their disbelief and rejection of the statements by Republican presidential candidate US, Donald Trump, to "soften" his proposal to deport undocumented immigrants residing in the country.


Some advocates of undocumented immigrants even see it as a form of manipulation statements Trump last Tuesday, when a television interviewer questioned whether it was right to deport someone who "has been in the country for 20 years" and noted that immigration laws They should "soften".

"We doubt very much that there is a true to what we already know, which is the anti-immigrant, anti-Latino and anti-family this candidate, political change," he told Efe Jorge Mario Cabrera spokesman Action Fund CHIRLA, the political arm of the Coalition Human Immigrant rights of Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, CĂ©sar Blanco, acting director of Latino Victory Fund, criticized while announcing the possibility of relaxing its policy of deportation, Republican begin airing last weekend an advertisement for "anti-immigrant" tone.

"Trump's announcement once again proves that never change. He is dangerous for our country and for our community and continue demonizándonos and attacking us all the time until election day, "said White.

Last Friday, the campaign office magnate began broadcasting in key states such as North Carolina, Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania a television ad that critical failures immigration control system that allow criminals from entering the country.

"Terrorists and criminals remain outside and the border will have security," says the message, airing until 29 August, according to the campaign office of the Republican candidate.

During the Republican primary, Trump promised to deport about 11 million undocumented immigrants estimated to reside in the United States, but in recent days the tycoon has tried to moderate his speech and put a new strategy in place to try to gain ground among Latinos and blacks.

In an interview last night on Fox News, Trump raised "soften" the immigration laws to allow them to stay in the country some undocumented immigrants who are "great people" and said it "would take a decision soon" on the deportations.

"I do not believe for a minute", in the words of Trump, he said today at a press conference Kika Matos, director of Immigrant Rights and Action Center for Community Change Racial Justice.

The activist stressed that the Republican candidate "has made clear he has no appreciation for people of color" and said that "our community has suffered because of it."

Matos said that in key states like Colorado, Florida and Nevada "We know that Latino voters will be instrumental in this election."

Meanwhile, Marielena Durazo, senior vice president of Immigration, Civil Rights and Diversity union Unite Here, said that "we will do everything we can to inspire Americans to vote against Trump".

Cristina Jimenez, co-founder and managing director of United We Dream Action, the case is political and personal activism immigration but not only.

"For someone like me, who came from his native Ecuador at the age of 13 years and grew undocumented for more than 16 years, this fight is personal and it is for the thousands of young people who have benefited from the DACA program," he said.

Jimenez stressed that the upcoming election can endanger the stability of more than 700,000 young immigrants beneficiaries of deferred action for childhood arrivals (DACA) and the permanence of their parents in the country in danger.

In turn, Maria Espinoza, a supporter of tycoon and director of Remembrance Project, told Efe that "Mr. Trump has repeatedly said it will enforce the laws to make America safe again."

"There are too many racist interests behind the candidate's campaign Trump so that suddenly you accept a change, even if slight, its anti-immigrant rhetoric," said Cabrera

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