News Daily Spot: 113,000 Ford vehicles revision calls to repair three defects

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113,000 Ford vehicles revision calls to repair three defects

Ford announced Monday the recall of more than 113,000 vehicles, the vast majority in North America, to solve three problems affecting the fuel pump, injection pumps and electric windows software.

Most call to review affects 88,151 vehicles Ford Taurus models 2013-2015 2013-2015 Ford Flex, Lincoln MKS 2013-2015 2013-2015 Lincoln MKT and Ford Police Interceptor 2013 to 2015, all with engines of 3, 5 liters turbocharged engines.

In these vehicles, the control module gasoline pump may stop functioning, causing sudden engine shutdown, in some cases without notice, which increases the risk of accident.

Ford noted that no information of any accidents or injuries associated with this defect.

Of the total number of vehicles affected, 77,502 are in the United States, 7,353 in Canada and 1,083 in Mexico. The rest were sold in other markets.

The second call to review involves updating the software of the power windows of vehicles 23,150 2017 Ford Escape model.

According to Ford, the current configuration may exceed the force permitted by the regulations, which increases the risk of injury, although the company has no information of any accident caused by the problem.

Most of the affected vehicles are in the United States (17,985) and Canada (5,157).

The third call to review will replace the fuel injection pumps of 2,472 vans Ford Transit 3.2 liter diesel.

The pumps may stop working unexpectedly causing sudden engine stop.

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