News Daily Spot: The solitude of Trump, the Republican leader with most votes in history

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The solitude of Trump, the Republican leader with most votes in history

Donald Trump arrives at the Republican Convention in Cleveland (Ohio) wrapped by the largest number of votes in primary of the party's history, but abandoned by major political figures, companies and artists.

A convention such as that Monday begins tomorrow at Quicken Loans stadium is a political and mass in which big brands congregate, musicians, artists and presidents show. All of them more or less have to Trump posturing.

financial or telecommunications companies, which tend to take this event as a great showcase, sponsorships have declined for fear of offending Hispanic groups such as immigrants, women or Muslims, favorite targets of darts Trump.

According to the Political publication, canceling sponsorships FedEx, Visa, Pepsi or Coca Cola has left organizers of the Republican conclave with a hole six million who have asked to fill billionaire and Republican donor Sheldon Adelson.

Trump a "showman" and entrepreneur who has never been elected to public charge, has tried to reach the widest possible number of Republican leaders knowing that insults he uttered during the debates primary to fellow training is not going to make it easy.

Cleveland have declined by passing the "small frame" as he called Trump Senator Marco Rubio; the "low energy" Jeb, the moniker chosen for former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush or Sen. Rand Paul, who just called ugly.

Trump also be supported at the convention of presidents, as is traditional, as George W. Bush will not be present, like the entire Bush clan (including the patriarch George H. W.), a continued presence in these meetings.

Even the governor of Ohio and rival primaries, John Kasich, has clarified whether go through the most important event of his party in four years and, therefore, the most prominent celebration of the state this summer, which will bring together some 50,000 people.

Many Republican figures maintain a strategic distance from Trump for reelection are played, such as the presidential candidate of 2008 and Senator John McCain, whom the New York businessman marred by being captured as a pilot in the Vietnam War.

Others with nothing to lose, as the presidential candidate of 2012, Mitt Romney, did not hesitate a second to qualify Trump as the biggest mistake of American conservatives as "a fraud" that will "diminish the chances of a prosperous future ".

"Probably 40% of the participants come from the private sector. We have athletes and entertainment, "he explained this week in an interview with Fox Business Eric Trump, right hand of his father during this campaign.

The third child of Trump highlighted interventions football star Tim Tebow or Dana White, president of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), a championship fight that takes place in an octagonal cage.

From the list of participants rising politicians have fallen as New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez and Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval, which even further away Trump the Latino vote.

The chorus of praetorian Trump will focus on the governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie; former president of Congress Newt Gingrich or Governor of Florida, Rick Scott, along with his running mate, Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana.

Trump said in April that "we must put something of showbusiness at the convention so that people do not fall asleep", has also had to deal with artists who have declined to act in Cleveland, as country singer Ted Nugent or band Christian country The Oak Ridge Boys.

Those who do will receive Trump in Cleveland will be a hundred naked women, convened for the occasion and as demand power of women by artist Spencer Tunick, or musical experiment protest "Prophets of Rage", composed of Rage Against The Machine, Public Enemy and Cypress Hill.

The "coronation" Trump is called to be convened on a show for both supporters and opponents as the center of attention next both for those who ignore the tycoon as those who see him as the next president week.

Jairo Mejia / EFE

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