News Daily Spot: The casing phone that works against "hacking"

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The casing phone that works against "hacking"

From private emails to passwords, photos, your home address or your location. Our phones are true torrents of personal information.That is why so concepts such as data encryption or cybersecurity, until recently unknown to the general public, have become the concern of many users.Hackers or "hackers" use increasingly sophisticated techniques to access data from their victims often feel unprotected before a technological world that does not seem to offer much security.Therefore, the former employee of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States Edward Snowden, known for having leaked secret details of spyware Agency Homeland Security (NSA), designed a device that claims to be the solution to the problem.It is a high security enclosure alert the user when the victim of a "hacking".Its main prospects: activists, humanitarian workers and journalists who need to keep their whereabouts hidden for security reasons.

We tell you how this device works.

Tracking AlertThanks to a series of internal components, the housing devised by Snowden, who currently lives in Russia, detect if someone is accessing your data stealthily."Smart phones are" perfect devices for tracking, "wrote Snowden and many governments, agencies responsible for law enforcement and security services comply analyze these devices when they want to locate dissidents, critics or people working in conflict areas, they said .In addition, many cyber thieves looking to install malware (malicious software) that steal data without notifying the owner of the phone that the information is being stolen.

Real timeThe project consists mainly of an "engine of introspection" which monitors some components inside the smartphone."This unit aims to give journalists the tools to know when their phones are being tracked or when their location is being revealed if the devices are in airplane mode", Snowden and his partner said.The housing will be built around a small autonomous computer and will have a small screen that displays a real-time reading of state of the cell, GPS, wifi and Bluetooth.And the information can be read by a device attached to the sim card, which is inserted directly into the housing, rather than the cell itself.

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