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Google Maps criticize Communists to change names

Crimean authorities criticized Thursday to Google Maps by changing the names of their cities Communists in line with the Ukrainian policy of prohibiting any reference to the Soviet past.
"It is difficult to understand why the company (Google) promotes rusofóbica Kiev hysteria," said the president of Crimea Sergey Axionov, the local media.Axionov believes that by pandering to Ukraine, "in fact, Google confuses users by introducing a propagandistic product rather than a real map with the real names of the towns of Crimea".Users do not need "political geography" but helps to orient in a territory, said the leader of the Ukrainian peninsula annexed by Russia in March 2014 after a controversial referendum."If a mapping service will try to create your own reality, then it is not fulfilling its function. So better to renew and work in the fantasy genre," he said.And he accused Ukraine of "Russophobia caveman" when trying to "destroy everything that reminds the common history between Ukraine and Russia."The Crimean Minister of Interior Policy, Information and Communications, Dmitri Polonski, went further by accusing Google Maps "topographical cretinism"."This will only lead to Russian users leave the Google mapping services. We call our cities and towns as they are called in reality and not as they please others," he said.Meanwhile, the Crimean prosecutor Natalia Pokónskaya, said that action by the authorities against attempts to "manipulate historical facts" will be taken.

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