News Daily Spot: Stress causes cancer spreads faster by the body

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Stress causes cancer spreads faster by the body

A recent study states that there is a relationship between stress and cancer progression. Scientists at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, found that hastens the spread of cancer in the body.

Specialists mice placed confined to simulate the stress felt human and then examined to calculate the progression of breast cancer spaces. The results were very clear.

Dr. Caroline Le, who worked on the study said, "You can see a six times greater cancer progression in stressed mice compared to those who belonged to the control group."

The reason seems to be that the voltage level stimulates metastasis or spread of cancer of an organ or other body part that is not located directly connected.

For his part, lead author Dr. Erica Sloan said, "Stress sends a signal to cancer that allows cancer cells to escape from tumors and spread throughout the body. Stress functions as a kind of fertilizer and helps cancer colonize other organs. "

The study found that stress lymphatic system transformed into a "super highway", which carries the cancer throughout the body at high speed. However, we have a hope: beta blockers appear to stop this effect, slowing the progression of cancer, as if there is a barrier in the way. "

This study is an example of how our hurried pace of life makes us sensitive to health difficulties. It is known that the stress level increases blood pressure wide withstand the risk of attacks, also, a recent study suggests that chronic stress gets damage the brain and increase the risk of psychiatric illness.

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