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Experts give scientific reasons to stop using antibacterial

Although it seems a perfect choice for disinfecting hands or any part of the body when you do not have access to water and soap, science has shown that contain chemicals and products that can affect long-term health.

Then we leave 5 reasons why experts recommend not to use them regularly and avoid endangering health.

1. immune Bacteria

Overuse can cause bacteria to become immune to these. Common antibacterial contain an ingredient called triclosan and when bacteria are exposed to this, can undergo genetic mutations. These mutations allow become immune to triclosan and antibacterial ingredients, Eco Watch reported.

2. May impair muscle function

Triclosan, mentioned in the previous point, can also alter muscle function, as it hinders muscle contractions at the cellular level and inhibits long-term normal operation of these, Eco Watch reported.

3. Increased risk of allergies

According to a study published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, overly sanitized environments may affect the development of the immune system. Triclosan, promoting genetic mutations of bacteria that become immune to anti-bacterial, may cause an increase of developing allergies, retook IFL Science.

4. Affects the environment

When the antibacterial rinse with water, it stays there, even after filtration treatments. For this, they can reach the fields and crops and pollute water surfaces complete.

5. It is not very effective

Or at least no more than plain soap. A study published in the Oxford journal Infection and disease ensures that these are no more effective in preventing the infections or diseases caused by bacteria, as most of these are given by spread of virus.

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