News Daily Spot: Peru enters the space age and launches first satellite in September

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Peru enters the space age and launches first satellite in September

Peru will mark its entry into the space age when it launches its first satellite in September, which will help reinforce the fight against drug trafficking, support agricultural and forestry work, as well as mapping, authorities said.

The Peruvian submeter satellite images, which allows high resolution-will be called PeruSat-1, is the latest generation and is made of silicon carbide, with an approximate weight of 400 kilos, the third compared with others of its kind.

"It was initially planned launch in July, but it will not. (It will transport) in the Vega rocket, which also move four satellites of Google, but they are not finished. So it is estimated that all will be in the second half of September "said General of the Air Force of Peru Carlos Rodriguez, head of the National Commission for Aerospace Research and Development (CONIDA), a state news agency Andina.

The postponement was contemplated in the contract. "We are the main charge, if they are not ready in September Google satellites will be launched with the principal, which is the Peruvian satellite," said Rodriguez.

The construction of the satellite by the company Airbus Defense and Space took place in Toulouse, under an agreement between the governments of Peru and France, which also allows access to six other French satellites that record images with different resolution (submetrics, optical and radar image).

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