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Pokemon Go madness overtakes the planet

There are tracks it people Pikachus and Bulbasaures in a hospital in Amsterdam, challenges Pokemon in Sydney, young people who risk getting into private areas in the United States: fever Pokemon Go, the augmented reality game that captures these virtual creatures, invades the world.

In parks, subway stations, cafes ... everywhere can see the same show: "hunters" with his nose close to your smartphone, try to catch these small fictional characters, hidden thanks to technology in the real world .

Since last week, the free version of Pokemon Go, based on augmented reality technology that adds virtual elements to real-world images that focus on camera phones, is available in the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

It uses geolocation to enable its users to catch Pokemon, small creatures that became popular almost two decades ago.

The game's success, so far downloaded more than seven million times, is partly based on the combination of the real and the virtual.

"It's 'cool' to truly play as a Pokemon trainer in real life," says Lucas Garcia, a 17-year-old Californian fan version for the Nintendo console that appeared in the late nineties was made.

"It's very nice to have a game that really forces you to walk instead of sitting in front of the TV screen with a control in hand".

Nearly a week after its release, Pokemon Go has made the game throws positive figures on download platforms Google and Apple applications. The application is downloaded from the AppStore and compete with Twitter in terms of traffic generated on the internet.

Pokemon Go has already generated millions of dollars in revenue and Monday even helped Nintendo's action increased 25%.

The unexpected success of the game, which once was seen as the exclusive domain of tweens, has almost become a widespread craze.

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