News Daily Spot: Merkel condemns attacks and claims that Germany exceeds "historical" proof

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Merkel condemns attacks and claims that Germany exceeds "historical" proof

German Chancellor Angela Merkel condemned Thursday jihadist attacks in Bavaria, calling attacks against a "model of open society" and reaffirmed its conviction that the country will overcome the "historical proof" of receiving refugees.
At the bombings of Wurzburg and Ansbach "did not care anything that has refugees who truly need our protection" committed, said Merkel, in an appearance before the media after the attacks on July 18 and last Sunday in these cities Bavaria, in both cases for asylum seekers.Merkel placed these attacks "jihadist terrorism" level which recently rocked the French city of Nice or the US Orlando.In his view, these attacks are intended to test the freedom and unity of society, so the answer must be "not deviate" from the path taken.The authors of the attacks Bavarian "mocked" of their host country, the thousands of refugees living in Germany and volunteers who serve with the intention to break the will host and you have to face them, he stressed .After listing the security measures in place, it not now announced additional initiatives to analyze in depth the situation, but said that "everything humanly possible" will be done to ensure safety.Merkel said Germany and Europe face a "litmus test".

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