News Daily Spot: Bill Clinton asked to choose Hillary as President of the United States

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Bill Clinton asked to choose Hillary as President of the United States

Former President Bill Clinton said his wife Hillary is the best maker of changes he has known in his life and called aa support to become president of the United States because she has devoted her life to working to improve the lives of
the rest. "It's a real actor of change" which does not give up despite adversity."There has always sought to break barriers. So is she". he added.In his speech at the central podium of the Democratic convention, he said that the image broadcast Republicans about Hillary is completely false and far removed from reality."If you believe that change starts from below, she (Hillary) has worked from below, and always wants to move forward," he saidAfter recalling how he met and as life partners turned, and highlighted their work year after year of your life to make life better for people."Hillary opened my eyes to a world of social service," he said noting that she always sought to empower those who suffered and "never made fun of the disabled", in clear reference to the Republican candidate Donald Trump.He recalled the years spent by his wife to public service: "She enjoyed teaching, she always believed in people." He defined it as an insatiable curious woman, very good organized and natural leader."We walked and talked together ever since. We've done it in good and bad times, "he recalled the former president noting that after asking three times marriage managed to marry his best friend.He added that after four years of dating was still dazzled by the intelligent he was.He recognized his work as a mother, which also recognized Michelle Obama.The Democratic National Convention takes place in Philadelphia and will be next Thursday when Hillary Clinton accepted the presidential candidacy of the party, luegod and that Tuesday delegates gave enough votes to be nominated and unanimously after his contender Bernie Sanders give way its delegates.

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