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Software can be in different places without leaving home

Winscape, is a new software that lets you wake up every morning with a different view to that already used these, just as it gives you the option to change places and travel the world without leaving home.

The software is free in test mode, and works with any video located in the Movies folder. Users interested in making their own custom installations can do with an easy tutorial tracking and with your own HD TV, and connected to it by software Winscape with one or more of its landscapes Mac programs.

How does it work?

The Mac workstation is in an adjacent room, and runs OS X software called Winscape. Using parameters of physical properties, the software makes the appropriate video portions fill the screens using Quicktime and OpenGL. A device known as a Kinect sensor reports the position of people in the room, and the software uses this tracking information to move the point of view of the closest to the "window" person.

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