News Daily Spot: 33 years ago to market as the first laptop

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33 years ago to market as the first laptop

What now seems so common, as everyone carry their smartphones, tablets or laptops, only 30 years ago it would have been unimaginable. No doubt the invention of laptops or notebook computers revolutionized the history of technology and was the first step to evolve to what it is now.

On June 2, 1983 came the novel design of the Gavilan Computer Corp., known as Gavilan SC. LCD screen was 400 x 64 pixel resolution. It had a cost of $ 4,000USD and had an internal memory and 64KB RAM sold separately 32KB at a cost of $ 350USD.

Manuel "Manny" Fernandez is known for being the founder of Gavilan Computer Corporation company pioneered the development of one of the first truly portable computers, whereas before the Gavilan SC were other computers, but by design are not considered laptops as such.

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