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Physical consequences of mobile abuse

The negative consequences of spending too much time with mobile can be both physical and mental: physical, the body posture we adopt when using these devices and mentally by increased excitability in the nervous system that causes such continued use.

Although it is true that using our smartphone does not have to be the direct cause, it does represent a trigger or trigger for many related injuries, especially with the locomotor system.

Difficulty breathing

The awkward postures we adopt in using our mobile devices or tablets may provoke feeling of chest tightness and difficulty breathing normally because of the loss of lung volume capacity by closing the chest and insufficient costal expansion.

Increased stress

Related to the effect that causes must continually monitor our notices, emails or social networking reviews, increased irritability of our nervous system generĂ¡ndonos anxiety, attention deficit and increased stress occurs, according to Serrano and Relats point.


Some research has already put on the table the dangers of using mobile when going to bed. In bed, use our smartphone, can only provoke a decrease in the quality of sleep and insomnia, due to extra brightness of the screen, which enables multiple receivers that suggest our brain that is still daylight and we can stay more awake time.

Pain and stiffness in the hands and fingers

We will get out of hand the hours we spent with the phone in hand has its consequences. One is pain and stiffness in both the fingers and hands; you will probably even feel some tingling and that is, the muscles of our hands resents many minutes-hours to be pressing the phone keys.

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