News Daily Spot: Huawei will start legal action against Samsung

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Huawei will start legal action against Samsung

China's Huawei technology giant said Thursday that legal action against Samsung in the US, to understand that its South Korean rival infringed patents in wireless connectivity for mobile phones.

The process undertaken in a California federal court claims that "Samsung and its affiliates have made billions of dollars selling products (mobile) technology using Huawei"

Huawei said carrying a similar legal action in China, accusing the South Korean firm of infringing patents that allow mobile devices to connect to high-speed networks.

The process opens a legal battle over patents for 4G wireless networks between two of the largest technology companies in the world.

"Our preference is stronger licensing resolve disputes through negotiations," he told AFP William Plummer, president of Huawei in the United States.

"It's unfortunate when we have to take this road but when you're the industry leader in investing to develop these technologies, protect your investments is very important," he added.

Plummer also said that Huawei reached agreements to authorize the use of its patents to many other technology companies in the world, such as Apple, Qualcomm and Ericsson.

Huawei is well behind Samsung as a manufacturer of mobile phones, but the Chinese firm has a strong business network, plus a research department last year spent more than 9,000 million.

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