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Meet scams prevailing in social networks

As we all know, internet over the years has become the most widely used mass media worldwide with millions of people surfing the net, up and downloading information. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have become more pages used by users today. They often private and personal information are made, which is very dangerous and can lend itself to fraud by cybercriminals.

The basic rule that should always have but always present when you are online is suspicious of everything and everyone. You are never excessively cautious, you better be attentive, to then suffer serious consequences.

Here are some scams in social networks:

1. Discount coupons supermarkets and clothing stores: users are deceived by alleged surveys that guarantee a reward as discount vouchers for online purchases. To show credibility, recreate official pages of famous companies to mislead filling the forms, where ocaciones credit card data are requested. But how you can detect if the web address (URL) is not true? Too easy. You should only compare the suspect link with link verified the company; if no match between them, have found a malicious site.

2. WhatsApp edition Gold / Premium: Here the user is given a unique and exclusive access to a different version of WhatsApp WhastApp called Premium or Gold WhastApp What happens when you accept the offer is that your phone number will subscribe to premium SMS services. you charged for sending messages, ie, your phone number will be encroached.

3. Message Voice WhastApp in emails: If you arrive to receive an email notification that a contact has left a voice message via WhatsApp and to hear must access a link, you ignore this email, and WhatsApp does not offer the service call mailbox. And most likely a malware is downloaded to your computer without notice if you run into him click the link.

4. Change the color of Facebook: Everyone who uses Facebook has probably encountered to change the color of your account with this novelty. Through a web page or application offers the user the option to change the background color of your profile, but to do so must share in link with the rest of your contacts and enter the phone number. If you get to do this, then you download dangerous malware to steal your number to subscribe to premium SMS services.

5. False notifications parcel shipments: This is an email that arrives in your inbox with information about a course pack your name and submission. The attachment in the mail usually a spyware or malware program that is triggered when decompressing the file and extracts all personal information that you can.

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