News Daily Spot: Learn how to use Google translator in a conversation WhatsApp

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Learn how to use Google translator in a conversation WhatsApp

WhatsApp did not have a tool to translate text into other languages ​​and that put it at a disadvantage to other messaging applications. Now, thanks to Google translator is possible to break the language barrier.

Videotutorial Google launched a little over a month ago on YouTube to explain how you should use Google translator WhatsApp. The same feature is available for other applications and can be done without internet connection.

The function is called 'tap to translate' ( "touches to translate") and as the name suggests is only necessary to press on the text you want to spend translate, in this case, directly on the screen of WhatsApp.

Before it was necessary to copy and paste it into the Google Translation app WhatsApp text because this function does not have to move the conversation. Pressing on the text, and will choose a button with the icon of Google translator and go. You can also listen to audio in other languages.

After a month of being published, the videotutorial of Google translator has been around the world surpassing the 300,000 views on YouTube. At least 634 users reviewed this innovation that benefits those who use WhatsApp.

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