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Experts explain how to disable Windows functions

Windows computers installed have a number of features and applications which, by default, are enabled. The user can configure or disable these features but often, because of ignorance, they are ignored.

Whether to save battery life on the laptop, improve our privacy, speed up computer boot or simply it work more smoothly, it is good to get their hands on the configuration of our team. In Teknautas we met some interesting tips.

Notifications are well on your perspective, but if they outnumber can become exhausting. A Windows 10 likes to keep us abreast of everything from newly installed programs tips.

It's a good idea to keep the number of notifications to a minimum -a advice also applies to cell phone. To manage them need to go to Settings / System / Notifications and actions.

Once there, you just have to disable those that do not interest us, such as suggestions of Windows. Also those third-party programs that give us badgering, as always annoying ads Java.

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