News Daily Spot: David Cameron and voted in the referendum on the EU

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David Cameron and voted in the referendum on the EU

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Conservative David Cameron, has voted in the historic referendum on remaining in the European Union (EU).

After arriving caught the hand of his wife, Samantha, both cast their ballot in a polling station near his official residence at 10 Downing Street (London).


Cameron has championed the campaign to stay in the EU, with the slogan "The UK, stronger in Europe" and has warned the British that "The Brexit" (output bloc) can sink the British economy and bring instability.

On leaving the school, both outlined a half smile to the press gathered on a day of torrential rain in London and southeast England.

In his last message to the electorate, Cameron, whose future depends on the decision of the British, warned that the UK risks "isolated" if you vote for leaving the EU, and insisted that the country "is stronger and it is best "within the common block.

However, he acknowledged that the European Union "is not perfect and needs reforms", he said, "will be carried out", although the president of the European Commission, Jean Claude Juncker, has warned that no further concessions to the United Kingdom after the plebiscite.

The Prime Minister called the referendum after negotiating a new fit for the UK in the bloc, which will allow you to restrict aid to immigrants from the EU and exempted from further European integration.

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