News Daily Spot: Clinton won enough delegates to be the Democratic candidate

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Clinton won enough delegates to be the Democratic candidate

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reached the number of delegates needed to be confirmed as the Democratic Party candidate in the November presidential election, in which he will face Republican Donald Trump.

After his victory in Puerto Rico on Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and the new support by "superdelegates" (elected and organic party officials who are free to support whomever they want) collected in recent days, Clinton exceeded, according NBC calculations, the 2,383 delegates needed.

This means that the former first lady will also, in all probability, chosen candidate in the Democratic convention held in July in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) and will face in elections to the unofficial candidate for the Republican Party Trump.

When officially proclaimed candidate at the convention in July, former Secretary of State will become the first woman to be president options US by one of the two major parties.


Meanwhile, in a statement, spokesman Sanders, Michael Briggs, lamented that the media, "a premature judgment, ignore the clear slogan of the Democratic National Committee is wrong to count the votes of the super delegates before voting at the convention this summer. "

"Clinton will not have nor will have the necessary number of delegates obtained at the polls for the nomination. Depend on the super delegates will not vote until July 25 (date of the Democratic Party convention in Philadelphia) and that can change opinion until then, "said Briggs.

Meanwhile, Sanders has, as calculated by NBC, a total of 1,566 delegates, 1,520 of them obtained at the polls and only 46 "super delegates".

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