News Daily Spot: Cameron ruled out making a second referendum on the "brexit"

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Cameron ruled out making a second referendum on the "brexit"

The British government today ruled to hold another referendum on staying or leaving the UK in the European Union ( "brexit"), as confirmed by a spokesman for Prime Minister David Cameron.

From 10 Downing Street, Cameron's residence, official sources said that a second referendum "is not among the plans," the British executive and citizens and voted for a "final result".

So much so that today Cameron has launched a 'unit' brexit ' "to prepare the negotiations on the output of the UK EU after the referendum last Thursday.

During the weekend, up to 3.7 million Britons supported a submission to the House of Commons to annul the results of the referendum last 23th and celebrate a new one.

52% of voters chose the June 23 break ties with Brussels, compared to 48% who preferred to remain in the EU, in a consultation in which 72.1% stake was reached.

The text promoted by the British William Oliver Healey, calls on parliamentarians "implementation of a rule that if the vote to leave or stay (in the EU) is below 60%, with a stake of less than 75% it should convene another plebiscite. "

Yesterday the petitions committee of the House of Commons eliminated 77,000 fraudulent signatures of the application, which has become the most subscribed of the British parliamentary history.

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