News Daily Spot: Ban Ki-moon: Israeli Occupation has been devastating for Palestinians

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Ban Ki-moon: Israeli Occupation has been devastating for Palestinians

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon deplored the devastating effects of almost 50 years of Israeli occupation in the Palestinian and stressed the need to seek a lasting peace to the historical conflict.

In what is possibly the last visit to the region during his term, which ends this year, the Secretary General of the UN said in Jerusalem before Israeli President Reuven Rivlin, it should be clear that "50 years of occupation have had a devastating effect on the lives of Palestinians, undermining the belief in a peaceful solution to this conflict. "

He stressed that this situation "has not brought security."

In his speech, Ban also rejected Palestinian violence in the form of "stabbings, shootings and explosions", saying "get nothing because violence is never a solution."

"Such acts are precisely designed to feed the fear and uncertainty. Corrupting confidence and hope, away Palestinians and Israelis and eliminate any feelings of empathy for the other," said the Israeli presidential residence.
Ban notoriously relaxed, he encouraged the leadership of both sides to "take concrete steps to restore peace and political horizon" so they can "see the road to peace, and not a morass of recurring violence", and endorsed recent efforts international and regional to safeguard the two-state solution, which he described as "the only viable option."

On the report plans to publish the Middle East Quartet, and is perceived reluctance by Israel, Ban Ki-moon said it is "balanced and fair".

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