News Daily Spot: Red Cross calls for urgent aid to fight Zika virus in the Americas

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Red Cross calls for urgent aid to fight Zika virus in the Americas

The money raised through this request will support the Red Cross societies of the countries concerned in matters of prevention, communication and control of the transmission of the disease to reduce its expansion.

"We have to be quick and properly communicate with the communities. In the battle against Zika knowledge is power, and empowering communities is essential to protect the most vulnerable, "said the health director of the IFRC, Julie Lyn Hall, said in a statement.

The current outbreak of virus is cause for international alarm due to the large number of cases and its rapid expansion since late January, 24 Latin confirmed the presence of the virus.

Also concerned about the potential relationship of the virus with increasing number of cases of microcephaly and other congenital neurological abnormalities.

A link that is not yet confirmed, but yesterday took the World Health Organization (WHO) considered these cases as health emergency of international concern.

The Zika by the same mosquito that transmits dengue fever or chikungunya is transmitted, the "aedes aegypti" Itchy day and affects all segments of society, but has particular impact on the poor.

"The only way we can stop the virus is to control the mosquito infections or completely breaking contact between the sources of infection and human, combining both measures to reduce poverty," the statement explained Walter Cotte, director of IFRC America.

In addition, Cotte said the long-term commitment to the communities at risk "is key" as well as organizations working in the field.

"It is they who can contribute to a strong improvement of health services, reducing the places where mosquitoes and greater knowledge on how to protect communities Zika reproduce," he said.

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