News Daily Spot: Mexico and the US driving energy, trade and education ... and Trump a wall

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Mexico and the US driving energy, trade and education ... and Trump a wall

After the third round of the High Level Economic Dialogue (DEAN), Mexico and the United States will work hand this 2016 to push the energy sector, increase trade and promote educational exchanges.


Thursday held the third round of DEAN, launched in 2013 by the President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, and his US counterpart Barack Obama, which seeks to strengthen mutual economic development and bilateral alliance to exercise regional and global leadership.

The meeting in Mexico City, was attended by senior officials as US Vice President Joseph Biden and Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker and Mexican Foreign Minister Claudia Ruiz Massieu and Finance Minister, Luis Videgaray.

At the inauguration, Biden stressed that the bilateral economic relationship should be in the next "modern, competitive, integrated, educated" to ensure that the region is "the epicenter of global growth" decades.

To realize this goal, there are a number of objectives that will work in this year.

In the energy sector, the US and Mexico -nation immersed in a process of liberalization of the sector are committed to formalize "in the coming months," the Energy Business Council, said a joint statement.

"Our two governments gather experts to provide assistance to support Mexico's transition to a competitive energy market, to promote sustainable development of unconventional resources and share best practices" standards, says the text.

In trade, the two countries reaffirmed their commitment to seek quick approval of the Agreement on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), signed in New Zealand this month by 12 countries representing about 40% of global GDP, and coordinate closely in its implementation.

In a message to the press after the talks, President Peña Nieto held his country and the United States have passed the stage where they had an "almost single-minded" relationship based on security and able to "broaden the agenda" bilateral.

At present, the two countries are working on "various mechanisms to ensure that America is a more productive and more competitive region," he said.

The president cited some of the joint achievements to date.

He said he has been sent to the Senate for ratification the bilateral air services agreement, which expands the number of flights and destinations.

He also stressed that in the field of education Mexican and US authorities agreed to continue promoting the Bilateral Forum on Higher Education, Innovation and Research (FOBESII), which allows students greater academic exchange.

He noted that the number of participants in these has been "growing" exchanges. In 2015, there were 35,000 Mexican students who came to study the neighboring country, and this year the goal is to "exceed 50,000," he said.

In turn, Biden referred to the statements against Mexican immigrants made by aspiring presidential candidate of the Republican Party in his country.

"There has been much harmful and Unsuitable rhetoric, and almost feel obliged to apologize for this presidential campaign in my country," said the official residence of Los Pinos, flanked by Peña Nieto.

But this rhetoric of some aspirants to the White House "does not represent who we are, the people of the United States; It is not the opinion of most people of my country, it is the opposite, "he said.

Donald Trump, pointer between the presidential candidates of the Republican Party, has said he would deport 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the US, branded as criminals and drug dealers those from Mexico, and promised to build a fence along the southern border .

This week the Republican candidate Ted Cruz also hardened his discourse on immigrants by threatening to expel undocumented immigrants, build a wall along the border with Mexico to prevent their re-entry and triple agents in the line.

On the other hand, Biden stressed that Mexico and the US have a trade of more than 1,500 million dollars a day and "six million American workers have a job" through trade with this country, he said.

He said that "the United States sells more to Mexico than to Brazil, Russia, India and China together," and 80% of Mexican exports go to the US

"The economic partnership between the US and Mexico represents 600,000 million dollars a year. And I can predict that it will exceed, perhaps three billion dollars a year eventually, "he added.

"We have an expression that says: 'We are united here at the hip like Siamese twins', and benefited from the success of one and the other, because we not only we sell and buy things, but we create and build things, and we share common values ​​and a shared vision of the future, "he said.

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