News Daily Spot: At least 8 dead and 150 injured after train crash in Germany

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At least 8 dead and 150 injured after train crash in Germany

At least eight people were killed and about 150 injured, over 50 of them seriously, in a frontal collision of two commuter trains in southern Germany, the Bavarian police reported Tuesday morning.

The dead included the driver of one of the trains is, according to said the Bavarian broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR).

The driver of the other train is still missing, according to police, who had previously pointed out that it was unlikely to have survived the collision because of the violence of the impact.

Rescuers fear more deaths among doughs are.

The accident occurred near the town of Bad Aibling, in the federal state of Bavaria, and where many rescue teams with ambulances and helicopters to treat the wounded and evacuate the most serious hospitals are.

Speaking to the news channel n-tv, the police chief of the southern region of Upper Bavaria, Stefan Sonntag said the crash occurred in an apparent one-way stretch.

The two locomotives were embedded and several wagons turned to derail one of the trains "Meridian", operated by the private railway company Bayerische Oberlandbahn.

At the moment the causes of the crash of two trains are unknown and it is possible that there may be more victims.

"The accident is a big impact for us. We do our best to assist travelers, their families and employees to help," he said in a statement the director of the railway company, Bernd Rosenbusch, who appreciates the ongoing work services rescue.

Both the company and the Bavarian police have opened two separate hotlines to meet the families of the victims.

The route remains completely cut and buses have been available for travelers who need to go that way.

Police announced a press conference for noon in order to provide an updated balance and provide more detailed information of the accident.

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