News Daily Spot: Venezuela: Edgar Zambrano: Good policy advises release political prisoners

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Venezuela: Edgar Zambrano: Good policy advises release political prisoners

Edgar Zambrano, Head of the Parliamentary Faction of Democratic Action in Lara state reelected National Assembly deputy, said Thursday that the government should interpret the manifestation of the people as expressed in the elections last Sunday and avoid fatal consequences for a process social recomposition. Press release

In this regard, he said that it is necessary to access the release of prisoners and return home of exiles, also taking advantage of the holiday season. "For the sake of peace and the ideal season being Christmas time, how good it would provide the Venezuelan family, the political country, the release of prisoners, the return of exiles in a supreme act of nobility awaited by the country. Likewise, I is time for the return of the boys behind bars classrooms, "stated in the hearing request number 129 Nicolas Maduro recorded Thursday in the Miraflores Palace.

"In freest expression of the Venezuelan people, with high-sounding voice, has issued its opinion in full activation of political rights through the expression of popular will as any intelligent society," stressed the MP Unit, adding that the results 6 December expressing the qualification of the people to public policies that have left a situation of calamity in the country.

"The defeat in the political field has its times of restructuring, usually solitary, silent and often intolerable, forcing strict mandates two: political logic and rationality as a compass in times of turbulence", also recommended that the Vice President Maduro AD.

He recognized the value and integrity of citizens who "with his vast political and democratic culture are willing to resolve the crisis by peaceful means, hoping that all those with some potential to contribute effectively to draw new scenarios to understand the electoral mandate as an unmistakable sign wisdom of a people with full willingness to resolve the effects of failed public policies, building success. "

In the document, Zambrano recalled that on previous occasions been considering the establishment of meaningful dialogue, noting that the response was ignoring the Amnesty Law and Reconciliation Policy and everything about solutions arising from the various judicial officers and all concerning the powers of the executive branch, head national president.

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