News Daily Spot: Maduro finally recognized prompting inflation to 100%

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Maduro finally recognized prompting inflation to 100%

The Central Bank of Venezuela has delayed the release of the figures for inflation and economic performance this year. Reuters

But the ruling party lost Sunday's election, largely by discontent in the population that produces a chronic shortage of basic goods and the highest inflation in Latin.

Nicolas Maduro attributed the defeat of his party in parliamentary polls, which the opposition won two thirds of the seats in the National Assembly, an economic war between entrepreneurs and opponents.

But electoral setback against Nicolas Maduro reiterated that continue to drive the socialist model that, according to opponents, is the cause of acute economic problems.

"The miracle of this year (...) With a decrease and 4%, which I think is going to be, (and) an inflation rate close to 100%, unemployment fell (...) lowered poverty, misery down," said Nicholas Maduro on his weekly television show.

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