News Daily Spot: The Popular Party won elections in Spain, without reaching the absolute majority

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The Popular Party won elections in Spain, without reaching the absolute majority

The ruling Popular Party (PP, center right) won the general elections in Spain but it is far from an absolute majority, the Socialists (PSOE) as a second force, and pinch we located in third place with more than 90% of the votes counted.


The PP obtained the 28.71 percent of the vote, which translates into 122 seats in Congress 350, followed by the PSOE, with 22.18% and 91 seats.

We can match left anti-austerity created in early 2014, it is located in third with 69 seats, and Citizens, liberal training center that appeared for the first time in a general election, is in fourth place, with 40 deputies, in a very fragmented results that may complicate the formation of government.

The 122 deputies PP let you get the 54 deputies of the absolute majority established in 176, so you would have to enlist the support of other units, especially Ciudadanos.Los Catalan nationalist ERC achieved 9 seats and Democracy and Freedom 8, while the Basque nationalist PNV obtained in June.

The remaining seats are distributed among parties of different trends, including the United Left, which manages two seats.

In the elections of the electorate participated 73.21, nearly 4.5 points more than in the previous elections in 2011. The results of these close elections confirm the end of bipartisanship prevailed since the elections of 1982, in which the two major parties have always scored at least two thirds of the votos.Los two new parties, we can enter with force and Citizens in the new parliament and break the hegemony exercised until now by the PP and the Socialist Party.

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