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Slovenians reject gay marriage

Slovenians on Sunday rejected gay marriage approved by Parliament 10 months ago, in a referendum on the 'No' won more than 60%, but moved just a little more than a third of the electorate, according to nearly final results.


The 'No' to gay marriage got 63.12% of the votes, the electoral commission said after counting 96% of the ballots.

Voters totaled just 35.5% of registered, sufficient to validate the query, which requires a 20%.

According to a survey last Friday, the 'No' would win with 55.5%, but provided for a 46% stake.

Opponents of the law had to reach at least 342,000 votes, out of a total of 1.7 million enabled and managed 370,000.

Slovenia was the first former communist country to allow gay marriage.

Opponents of gay marriage, backed by the rightist opposition and the Catholic Church, originated this referendum since the law was adopted in parliament in March.

They collected the 40,000 signatures required in this country of the European Union (EU) of two million people for a referendum.

"They should be experts, and government, to decide on this issue. Let us decide for us is like throwing money out the window "lamented before Vojko consultation, a pro-gay marriage, which fears that Slovenia will become retired" the laughing stock of the world "if he wins the 'No'.

The law passed in March redefined marriage as a "union of two people regardless of gender." It was adopted by a large majority for the left and the centrist party of Prime Minister Miro Cerar, giving gay couples the same rights as heterosexuals, including adoption.

The referendum has suspended the application of the law, and therefore the celebration of gay marriage.

Government by the 'Yes'

Pope Francisco this week invited the Slovenes to "support the family, reference structure of life in society."

In a church in the town of Koper, it was visible Sunday graffiti in which he asks: "Would you use blood from a homosexual to save his son?".

If he wins the 'No', the family code will return to its initial formulation and restrict the rights of gay civil union in force for several years.

Prime Minister Borut Pahor and President supports the 'yes' in the name of equal rights.

In this referendum, "we decide whether we want to join the civilized world," he told AFP Nika Kovac, coordinator of a group called "It's time for the 'Yes'."

For the Conservative Party (SDS) is treated instead of the future of the family model: "Delete the reference to sex in the definition of marriage it is the starting point of the violation of human rights of those we are more precious, children" , considered the center-right former Minister Janez Jansa.

In 2012 during a previous referendum, Slovenians with 55% rejected the adoption of gay marriage, but the turnout was very low, below the required quorum.

Outside Slovenia, gay marriage is legalized, or about to be, in 18 countries, including 13 in Europe. Ireland was the first last May to authorize gay marriage via referendum. Others have chosen the parliamentary route.

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