News Daily Spot: Sunday convened protests across Brazil to seek judicial process Rousseff

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Sunday convened protests across Brazil to seek judicial process Rousseff

Groups in favor of the dismissal of the president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, called demonstrations across the country on Sunday to demand the departure of the president, with the popularity low minimum faces the first public protests since the start of the process impeachment.


Movements like Vem Pra Rua, Brazil Livre or Revoltados On Line, which say fed up with corruption and economic hardship, called by social networks to participate in this protest to be held in dozens of cities, including They include Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro or Brasilia.

Under slogans like "Heat by impeachment" these groups aim to gather thousands of protesters, while recognizing that the lack of time to spread it difficult to match up the three mass protests this year against Rousseff, who came to gather more a million people in March and hundreds of aftershocks in April and August thousands.

Currently, fewer than 20,000 people confirmed their participation in social networks.

Popularity With only 10%, its mandate undermined by the opening ten days ago a process to remove her and in front of a Brazil plunged into recession, the protests come at the worst political moment for Rousseff.

President of the seventh economy in the world began the week with the back of the opposition wins a majority in the committee that will study the impeachment and harsh letter from his deputy, Michel Temer, in which he reproached him become a " Decorative vice president "and not trust him.

The tension, however, was reduced later to the decision of Justice to suspend the impeachment until 16 December by irregularities in the formation of the commission and the armistice with Temer - to markets eager as his sustituto- which undertook not to work for the impeachment.

Supporters of impeachment estimate that in times of recession, job losses, rising inflation and corruption scandals that never stop being investigated, public opinion may be dumped into the streets and end up pressuring lawmakers to speak out against the president .

Rousseff, meanwhile, it ensures that the process is unfair dismissal and claims to be the victim of "a blow" to 11 months into his second term.

But the trial begins and the president is separated from office, the opposition needs 342 votes in the plenary of the House (two-thirds). The ruling will reach 172 to lock.

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