News Daily Spot: Putin asks the Nobel Peace Prize for Blatter

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Putin asks the Nobel Peace Prize for Blatter

Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed today awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to Sepp Blatter, the FIFA president suspended in connection with the investigation of corruption within the highest football body.

"It is a very respectable person who has done much for the development of world football. His contribution in the humanitarian field has been colossal. He must be given the Nobel Peace Prize! "Said Putin at the annual press conference broadcast live on television.

Putin said that Blatter, with whom he maintains a close relationship since Russia was chosen to host the 2018 World Cup, "always tried not only use football as a sport, but as an element of cooperation between countries and peoples."

"If there are elements of corruption in FIFA that it must demonstrate research. But so far no research results. Some will acknowledge their guilt and detract others, "he said.

He denounced "intrigues" within the football and said that no country, alluding to the United States, can extend a jurisdiction to other countries "even in the case of international organizations".
As for the doubts about the cleanliness in choosing Russia as World Cup venue, he denied having knowledge of any irregularities.

"We only know one hundred percent that received the right to hold clean and competitively World" he said.

He recalled that precisely to avoid arousing suspicion, he decided not to be present at the election held in December 2010, but then denounced as a "dirty war" against Blatter and FIFA.
"It was only after the election not to interfere and not to exercise any kind of pressure. Actually, we could not have exerted any pressure, EFE

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