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Pushbullet: a tool for connecting mobile computers

If you need to interconnect your phone to your computer and do not have storage options in the cloud, like Dropbox, for example, Pushbullet may be the tool you are looking for.

Pushbullet to work, you must install it on your phone via Play Store on your computer and, through

Once installed on all computers you want to interconnect, Pushbullet provides the following functions:

Pushbullet provides a choice of chat between all connected devices, which can be extended to other friends that you invite, of course Pushbullet users.

In the same chat option you can send a file of any format from any of the computers under their control to another in the network.

The most interesting option is the corresponding Pushbullet remote file access (remote files). Since the computer can search for any file on your phone and proceed to copy.

Conversely also works this option from allowing cell can be consulted and / or copy any file on your computer. For this feature is enabled, you must enter the setup option Pushbullet on your computer and click to give remote access to files (files remote access).

Obviously, the computer must be on for this feature to work remotely. Remember to disable this option when you need not consult.

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