News Daily Spot: Macri won by 679,000 votes presidency Argentina (final count)

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Macri won by 679,000 votes presidency Argentina (final count)

Mauricio Macri, the liberal right-wing businessman who last week won the presidency Argentina beat the incumbent Daniel Scioli rival by 679,000 votes in a register 32 million voters, said the official count released Monday.


The center-right alliance led by Macri's change that triumphed in the second round on November 22, won 51.34% of the votes, while the Front for the Victory of the outgoing President Cristina Kirchner, who ran for Scioli, reached 48.66%, the national electoral director Alejandro Tullio.

The difference of 679,048 votes marked a narrowing of the gap with respect to the provisional count the day of the election between the two candidates competing in the runoff for the presidency in this country of 40 million inhabitants.

In the province of Buenos Aires, who ruled Scioli since 2007 and won in October Macri's ally, Maria Eugenia Vidal, the Peronist candidate won 4,882,082 votes (51.10%) against 4,662,935 (48.90 %) achieved by Macri.

In this province, the most populous country with 16 million inhabitants, was key a comfortable victory in what was considered until these elections a historical bastion of the Peronist political movement that embraces trends ranging from right to left and that He suffered a blow in recent Argentine elections.

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