News Daily Spot: Macri could ask Maduro release of political prisoners, they will agree Mercosur meeting

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Macri could ask Maduro release of political prisoners, they will agree Mercosur meeting

Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Economy of Mercosur meet Sunday in Asuncion for tuning an agreement with the European Union, one day before the summit of presidents in which they match first Mauricio Macri of Argentina and Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela, as reported President of Paraguay.


The foreign ministers "welcomed the recent elections" in Venezuela and Argentina, Loizaga, showing "that democratic processes are fully consolidated," he said.

Macri and Maduro, of opposing political tendencies had an unfriendly exchange when first questioned the democratic character of Venezuela and the latter responded by accusing his colleague of "bourgeois elite."

The presence of Maduro, who was in doubt until the last moment, was confirmed Saturday by the Paraguayan presidency hosting the meeting. The Venezuelan president is facing a complicated situation in Caracas, where his government lost miserably the domain of the National Assembly elections on December 6.

While it is expected that Macri, a liberal right, ask at the meeting for the release of political prisoners in Venezuela.

They also attend the event on Monday the leaders of other member countries (Dilma Rousseff of Brazil, Tabare Vazquez of Uruguay and the host Horacio Cartes) and associated countries, Michelle Bachelet of Chile and Evo Morales of Bolivia.

Besides Macri and mature, and Cartes Rousseff also reach the summit amid a difficult situation at home.

Brazil's economy went into recession in the second quarter, slashing inflation and double-digit unemployment rises, Rousseff's popularity is at a meager 12% and the president is haunted by the specter of impeachment.

Meanwhile, Cartes grapples not only with the overflowing of the Paraguay River, but also with a general strike and roadblocks planned for Monday and Tuesday.

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