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Facebook adds "Photo Magic": The new Photos app for Messenger

Facebook is trying to make it easier to send photos, at a time when the photographic frenzy increases with the arrival of the holidays this year.

By MICHAEL LIEDTKE / Associated Press

The biggest social networking service in the world now offers a system called "Photo Magic" that automatically puts the address in a message so that it can be quickly sent to friends identified in photos. This option is based on the image recognition technology that names of people attached to messages in Facebook.

With this change, Facebook is using the technology in its Messenger app to facilitate the distribution of photos a few friends and family.

Facebook Inc. will highlight Photo Magic in a Messenger update will begin to be distributed on Thursday to users of iPhones and phones with Google's Android system. The system will let each user decide whether to activate or not Photo Magic. After the option is activated, it can be turned off when desired.

The update is being distributed to a wider audience after months of testing between users in Australia. Photo Magic Facebook plans to make available to users throughout the world, except for Canada and the European Union.

Messenger currently has over 700 million users, about half of the members of Facebook.

Photo Magic Facebook expected to encourage more users to Messenger in its competition with services like snapchat that have gained special popularity among teenagers and young adults.

If Photo Magic is on, you must quickly determine if any of the people in a picture belongs to the circle of friends in Facebook user. If it detects any, Photo Magic creates a message that allows the user to send the photo to all identified with just two steps.

Approximately 9,500 million photos are sent through Messenger each month, according to Facebook. The company believes that the volume will be even greater if it gets facilitate the process of choosing the images and determine who is told.

As part of the upgrade of Messenger, Facebook also includes an option that will allow users to change the colors of their exchanges with different friends and the formal name change to a nickname, such as "mom" or "dad".

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