News Daily Spot: Enrique Krauze: we discover the horror that Chavez will be unprecedented

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Enrique Krauze: we discover the horror that Chavez will be unprecedented

"Having anointed Nicolas Maduro, who is about abysmal limitations, it was one of the biggest mistakes made by Hugo Chavez '

By Emili J. Blasco | ABC

The Mexican writer Enrique Krauze in Spain has reissued his book "Power and delirium" (Tusquets), who in his day was already carries a warning about the Chavista authoritarian. Many of the things we are seeing now anticipated. However, Krauze warns that has not yet been fully revealed the true face of the regime created by Hugo Chavez. Ensures that the "horror" to discover over time "will be unprecedented." Krauze is pleased that Spain is leaving the populist threat posed strong can. -You Announced in 2008 when he published the first edition of his book, that every time you see again the true face of Chavez. And today we're seeing drug trafficking, corruption, allegations of rights violations ...

- As a Mexican I went to see the phenomenon of Venezuela, not by a scientific curiosity, but by a deep concern. There I saw the germ of a type of political domination that could spread and cause immense damage. But I would say the true face still do not know and will take to unfold. The horror that we will discover will be unprecedented, by the degree of corruption, decay, destruction of economic resources, such as PDVSA, and especially destruction of the social and moral fabric of the Venezuelan people. I still think that you can rebuild, painfully.

Would there also collapsed Venezuela with Hugo Chavez in power?

- It would have been the same, of course. Chavez was believed practically a god, but would not have prevented the collapse of oil prices. Anyway, in his delirium, Chavez had elements of rationality and a sense of limits. They can say a lot about him, but that he lacked political savvy. A mature, however, lacks the political, moral and emotional intelligence. Maduro is about abysmal limitations. Having anointed successor is one of the biggest mistakes of Chavez.

-¿Cabe One Chavismo without Chavez?

- Chavismo is already dissolving, but it is not doing suddenly, but gradually. I hope sooner rather than later Leopoldo Lopez out of jail and he brings together the opposition in a smart way. If Venezuelans have lost so many years, it would be good in a reasonable period through legal steps, shortening the Government can go Maduro.

-Bajan Oil prices and raw materials, which many governments in the region do not have the income they previously used to make "dealers".

- Obviously the rise of demagoguery in power we have seen in Latin America in the first fifteen years of this century has to do with the fact that the price of oil and raw materials were at a high level. The Argentine people seem to realize that it has to change course and open their eyes to reality. I just hope they also understand that this will require adjustments, sometimes painful, because reality hurts.

'Was it a lost decade for many countries in Latin America?

- Not only that; It has been a decade of decline, because many minds and many hearts have been conquered by the idea that you can live without working and the many other promises of populism and demagoguery. It is difficult to convince the voter that has those convictions. The only way is the tremendous blow of reality. In Argentina it has happened and it is also happening in Venezuela.

His book reappears in Spain with a special introduction that will alert risk of populism, we probably thinking.

- When I wrote the prologue had in mind the very strong presence of can. Recall that a year ago and even less can they laid surveys and its leader in a position of greater penetration than it has now. I think of any mmanera that prologue can serve as a warning. Because after all, we can was linked to Chavez and has not given a convincing explanation of why it was he was as he was organically linked to Chavez and what are openly critical of the government of Maduro. I think it's a warning that Spain should not get in any case what I call a Latin American political virus, a virus that is lethal and destructive.

Is there space in Spain to what you call the "virus of anti-politics"?

- The anti-politics is to stop believing in the vote, in institutions, in debates, in what the newspapers say ... And that does not happen in Spain. I visit Spain often and I think his political life is active. It is sometimes tense, but that's part of democracy. Spaniards continue building a democratic order. The shameful way to combat corruption in which many politicians is incurred through judicial institutions, which fortunately in Spain we are working. And in Latin America we would have the legal regime that has Spain.

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