News Daily Spot: Close public schools in Los Angeles by bomb threat

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Close public schools in Los Angeles by bomb threat

More than 900 public schools closed today in Los Angeles (USA) "due to a credible threat," city police said.


The authorities stressed that this is an "unspecified threat", while the Los Angeles Times stated from the outset, citing police sources, that it is a bomb threat made through a phone call.

"We are still analyzing the threat. We decided to close our schools today until we are certain that our campuses are safe, "said Police Chief of Los Angeles Schools, Steve Zipperman, in a press conference.

In his official account of the social network Twitter, the LAPD said the centers were closed "due to a credible threat."

Schools are operated by Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD, for its acronym in English), the largest public school system in California, and has enrolled more than 640,000 students.

Students who were already in the schools were sent back to their home until further notice.

"I will not take any risks bringing the kids to a place or any part of a building till I know it is safe," said LAUSD Superintendent Ramon Cortines, stipulating that the threat was "strange" and was for "electronic media".

In the press conference, Cortines did not elaborate on the threat, but noted that relates to backpacks in schools or abandoned packages.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is assisting in the investigation of the threat, said the LAPD.

The school closure decision came after the attack committed on day 2 in the nearby town of San Bernardino for two alleged supporters of jihadist Islamic State (EI), which left 14 dead and over 20 injured.

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