News Daily Spot: Arrested two drug traffickers permeated with cocaine rice

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Arrested two drug traffickers permeated with cocaine rice

Police arrested two drug traffickers Colombia required by Argentina that permeated grains of rice to export cocaine drug through a UN program to Europe, Africa and Asia, authorities reported Thursday.


"The OCN INTERPOL Colombia captured two Colombian citizens who were part of an organization dedicated to international drug trafficking and money laundering, interfering with Argentina," he said the National Police said in a statement.

This drug ring, dismantled in Argentina in September, used the "Zero Hunger" program of the United Nations (UN), which sends food to Africa as screen to send the drug to other continents.

"The route of cargo passed through Africa, but the contaminated rice was bound for Europe, likewise Bangkok, Guinea Bissau and Morocco," said the note.

According to police, drug traffickers, "rice grains impregnated with cocaine; on contact with hot water and with the absorbed drug grain ".

Once impregnated, the rice grains which grew up to five times their size, they were dried in the microwave, which the drug was fixed in the food, police.

The arrests took place in Buca (Valle del Cauca, southwest) last month, but police were still investigating the extent of the network.

"The organization to which they belonged Piedrahita captured Jhon Jair Jaramillo and Carlos Miguel Potes Ramirez, had ties to the heirs of the Cali cartel," the text.

Detainees have the extradition order to Argentina for crimes related to drug trafficking.

Police dismantled in that country in September the band, composed of Argentina, Colombia and Guatemala, after finding 920 bags of rice cocaine impregnated in the city of Rosario (300 km north of Buenos Aires).

The packages were declared as donations to the aid program of the United Nations to be sent to Africa.

442 tonnes in 2014, Colombia is the world's largest producer of cocaine, according to the UN.

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