News Daily Spot: Apple launches a shield with "hump" to extend iPhone battery

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Apple launches a shield with "hump" to extend iPhone battery

The battery life of the iPhone is one of the protagonists of the common complaints from users. With the release of each new model, always a rumor about the possibility that Apple manufactures a standalone telephone, publishes the newspaper Expansion

The next iPhone 7, which would see the light in autumn next year is no exception, although expectations may not materialize. Again.

The reason? The new invention of the signing of the apple: the first official case with built-in battery, the Smart Battery Case, available for iPhone 6 and the 6S and for sale for 119 euros in Spain or $ 99 (excluding taxes) in the United States .

Silicone and microfiber, has 1,877 mAh, which can recharge a mobile up to 80%, offering use 25 hours of talk time (compared with 14 normal hours of iPhone 6 / 6s), 20 hours of audio and video ( versus the usual 11) and 18 use mobile data or WiFi connection through (there are 10 hours in mobile without this cover). It can be loaded with the phone itself or with a standard port and, unlike other cases, Apple has not included a button to turn on or off battery Smart Battery Case, but the burden of the sleeve first spend and then the mobile.

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