News Daily Spot: Vatican scandals and tensions reach Italian bookstores

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Vatican scandals and tensions reach Italian bookstores

Italian readers can acquire today the two controversial books that describe the tensions classified material and financial irregularities that the pope Francisco found at the beginning of his pontificate.


It is "Via Crucis" (Editorial Chiarelettere), written by the manager to address the scandal "Vatileaks" in 2012, Gianluigi Nuzzi, and "avarizia" (Editorial La Feltrinelli), Emiliano Fittipaldi.

The two volumes took place Thursday on the shelves of book-stores Roman, exposed to pedestrians and shoppers, in recent days, have attended the disclosure and dissemination of these secrets in the media.

One of those buyers, Michele Marsili, acquired two books and showed Efe with indifference because, although it claimed to be passionate about the Vatican intrigues, considered that "will not bring anything new to the Curia has not been done in the last two millennia. "

"I have followed all these facts and all the clamor that has arisen. Nothing that the Church has done for thousands of years. Has it already been through scandals have become a way of acting, "he said.

He considered that the pope "is revolutionizing the Church as an institution," but his trial is being "only the tip of the iceberg ... Below are other issues, such as the Curia, something ignoble forever."

At the gates of a known Roman bookstore, Cristina Russo said he was "very upset" by the opposition to the measures of the Argentine pontiff, whom he considered it "terrific" to be "betting everything to restore the dignity of the Church."

"I hope the Pope take the road to get out of this situation and to complete its project of purification of the Church," said the Roman before accessing the library.

The Vatican has denounced these books include classified material and therefore come from a wrongful act, subtraction, while stressed that the scenario posed was surpassed by Francisco reforms.

The Vatican has again suffered a leak of information by which two people were arrested, the Spanish priest Lucio Ángel Vallejo Balda and secular Italian Francesca Choauqui, release for collaborating with justice.

Vallejo Balda (La Rioja, 1961) is in jail accused of having stolen and distributed material on the agency that coordinated the now defunct commission investigating the economic and administrative offices of the Holy See (COSEA) established by Francisco to bring order to the Church accounts.

Thursday was visited by a member of the Embassy of Spain to the Holy See and diplomatic sources told Efe that "okay" and you get a "good deal".

Nuzzi's investigations and Fittipaldi emerges the figure of a pope Francisco at the beginning of his ministry meets a runaway accounts and a Curia accustomed to an elevated train of life and away from the principles of austerity professed.

Nuzzi explains in his third work on this issue, after "Vatican Spa" (2009) and "Sua Santita" (2012), that while the pope lives in an apartment of about fifty square meters, several cardinals have luxury homes in the surrounding the headquarters of San Pedro by paying petty economic quantities.

It also maintains that most of the money that the Catholic faithful from around the world devoted to Peter's Pence, an entity dedicated to the works of charity, they will stop the maintenance of the expenses of the Curia, which will offer discounts in products such as snuff or gasoline.

One of those indicated by these accusations is the former secretary of State of Benedict XVI, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, recently involved in a controversy over the construction of a luxurious penthouse.

Bertone today denounced these "slander" in an interview published by the newspaper "Il Corriere della Sera" and said he had paid out of pocket apartment works of contention.

"As for the apartment I was allocated according to the pope Francisco and the higher the Governorate (Government), it was reported to me that this year there was no money in the budget for the restructuring and should cover the costs," he said.

"I paid with my savings for an apartment that is not my own and that will remain in the Governorate," he added.

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