News Daily Spot: FARC proposed creating a national fund for peace in Colombia

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FARC proposed creating a national fund for peace in Colombia

Negotiators from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) in Havana today proposed creating a national fund for the construction of peace in that country, which would be valid for ten years, with a "special account" within the public budget.


This plan is part of the guerrillas ten "minimal proposals" related to conflict and announced last October, including "legal formalization of reforms and institutional adjustments" required for the new stage and the definition of "special territories "for peace.

"Through legal development" will create "a special account" within the budget for this fund, whose resources "will be defined as a fixed proportion of GDP," said a statement read by the guerrilla Lucas Carvajal in Havana, permanent headquarters of the dialogues Colombian peace since 2012.

The text also states that the annual amount of this initiative "can not be less than the equivalent of 4 percent of GDP" and for forming "an annual estimate of" the economic consequences of peace "will be made.

FONAPAZ funding require the State called "redefine the current structure of public spending", especially spending on security and defense, in order to "free resources" to build peace after signing the final agreement between the guerrillas and the government of President Juan Manuel Santos.

An annual report will be submitted to ensure the monitoring and control of the implementation of this proposal, and a "mechanism for citizen oversight and control" will be formed, says the statement.

Besides this background, the ten measures FARC include the creation of a "national plan" to end the conflict and "reconciliation" in Colombia, the transformation of the guerrilla in "political movement", redefining policy State security and the dismantling of structures "counterinsurgency".

The FARC and government negotiators began on Tuesday a new round of talks with the challenge of moving towards a bilateral truce before year-end, which would pave the way for the final agreement, according to the deadline proposed by the President Santos, would be signed before the end of March 2016.

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