News Daily Spot: Tunisia adopts a plan with 14 measures to combat jihadism

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Tunisia adopts a plan with 14 measures to combat jihadism

The Tunisian National Security Council today approved a 14-point plan to combat jihadism among other measures including a strict night curfew in the capital and its surroundings and the closure of the border with Libya for 15 days.

The plan also imposes a state of emergency throughout the country for about a month and declare the war on terror, so he calls on all citizens to assume their responsibilities and cooperate in full measure, Efe reported.

It also decreed the closure of all web pages and social media accounts that have any connection with jihadism and Islamic extremism.

In the specific section of the fight against terrorism, the Council, chaired by the head of state, Beji Caid Essebsi, and Prime Minister Habib Essid, decided to activate a special fund to increase resources and equipping forces Security.

In this sense, the recruitment of 6,000 new agents Safety, 3000 under the command of the Ministry of Interior and other bodies for 3000 was approved during 2016.

The plan also ensures the strict implementation of the antiterrorism law and the development of a national strategy specifically developed to combat this scourge.

The interior minister and the governors will take over the controls and administrative files relating to any person suspected of belonging to a terrorist organization.

Similarly, new measures will be implemented to upgrade the administrative situation of foreign residents in Tunisia, in particular Libyan citizens and other countries of North Africa.

Finally, the plan includes an order for judges to expedite full records relating to terrorism, a project to create jobs in areas close to the mountains where the jihadists and policy for young people off to fight refuge areas abroad.

After the meeting, Essid said that measures such as curfew and emergency rule will be applied "scrupulously" and that the search and arrest of terrorists will increase from tonight.

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