News Daily Spot: Obama asked the Supreme Court to decide as soon as possible on its immigration measures

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Obama asked the Supreme Court to decide as soon as possible on its immigration measures

The US president, Barack Obama, asked the Supreme Court to set a date as soon as possible to decide on measures to regulate migratory five of the eleven million undocumented immigrants living in the country, according to the government's request, which He agreed Wednesday.

Time has become a key factor, because if the nine judges of the High Court decided in June 2016 on measures Obama enacted a year ago, the president could begin implementing their policies to halt deportations before leaving White House in January 2017, Efe reported.

In a two-page letter sent Tuesday, the State Attorney Donald Verrilli, rejects the request for extra time before the Court formulated a coalition of 26 states, mostly with Republican governors, who already got the "relief "temporarily suspended immigration in lower courts.

The coalition of Republican states petitioned the Supreme Court additional 30 days to respond to the action, brought on 20 November and with which Obama seeks to reverse the decision this month a Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, based in New Orleans, which decided to maintain the blockade of immigration measures.

If the Supreme access, states count with 30 days, in addition to the 30 days they already have, to present his initial court written, intended to defend the economic damage they allegedly suffer states to issue driver's licenses to undocumented immigrants which they would be entitled to such cards.

The delay by Republicans claimed that the High Court would not have the initial pleadings until January 20, prevent the case could be heard in this session and therefore not be decided until June 2017 , estimated that in your letter Verrilli.

The effect of such delay would cause "irreparable damage" in the five million people who are waiting for measures to obtain a work permit, a driver's license and a special permit to return to their country of origin, recalls the lawyer of the government.

In its brief, however, counsel accepts an extension of eight days, so that on 29 December this year the Supreme Court would already have written the provisional party.

"That time should be more than enough," Verrilli ditch in the letter, which already argued before the Supreme other Obama policies, such as health care reform.

For the government it is crucial that the nine judges of the Court, life tenure, support study the case in January so they can decide in June 2016, when it would be a month before the parties choose their candidates for the November presidential election that year.

In that case, the Court would issue during the presidential campaign his verdict on the undocumented, who have become a missile among Republican and Democratic candidates.

Derogatory comments applicants, as Donald Trump, who proposed building a fence along the border with Mexico and the expulsion of 11 million undocumented workers have on the Hispanic community, whose votes could be crucial to decide the next tenant White House.

As the battle sharpens the political and legal arena, the Supreme Court is the future of the people who would benefit from the deferred action program for Parent Responsibility (DAPA), currently blocked and aimed at parents with children residing US citizenship or permanent.

Is also deferred action plan (CCIP), for young undocumented workers, known as "dreamers" (dreamers), who entered the country as children in the hands of the Supreme.

What is discontinued latter plan for youth created in 2012 is the extension that gave Obama a year ago with the goal that had more beneficiaries.

The president promised for the first time in 2008 to change the immigration system and decided to act unilaterally to the inability to push through Congress a reform in this field.

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