News Daily Spot: Trump wins internet polls after fourth US Republican debate

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Trump wins internet polls after fourth US Republican debate

Donald Trump won today in internet polls as the winner of the fourth debate between the candidates of the Republican Party for the presidential elections of 2016 in the US, held last night, in which shone other candidates, such as Senator Marco Rubio the former governor of Florida Jeb Bush. EFE

Different analysts, such as Professor George Washington University, Michael Cornfield, refuse to draw a clear winner in the war of words, but Internet users opted for Trump, who did well in the debate without coming to dominate the stage as It occurred in the first two occasions.

Thus, in the conservative blog Drudge Report, 37% (92,566 internet users) gave the victory to Trump, the following Texas Senator Ted Cruz with 23% support (58,080 votes) and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul , which endorsed 15% of the readers of this blog (38,760 votes).

At 10.00 local time (15.00 GMT) had voted 252,804 people who left in fourth place by Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, who won the support of 13% of voters (33,184 persons), well above the former governor by Jeb Bus, backed only by 1% (2,752 votes).

In another survey of Time magazine, 43% of users preferred to Trump, over Rand Paul (20%), Rubio (16%), Cruz (7%) and the former governor of Ohio John Kasich (5%) he left the battle tied with the neurosurgeon Ben Carson and above the exconsejera delegate Hewlett Packard Carly Fiorina (4%).

"I do not have a clear winner. What there was and is the first occurrence in the discussions was clearly in a position to have some key candidates on some crucial issues, such as immigration, "he told Efe Professor of Politics at the University of George Washington, Michael Cornfield.

In this respect, the analyst Elaine C. Kamarck the Brookings believes that the big winners of the night were not the Republican candidates, but moderators who did good questions and the audience was finally able to hear "smart trade" among his political .

The fourth debate on the nomination for the White House was held at the Milwaukee Theatre in Milwaukee (Wisconsin), it was organized by Fox Business and The Wall Street Journal and involved only the top eight candidates in the polls.

The fact that the participants in the debate were eight, not ten (as had been the case) contributed to the flow of the conversation, which was hampered in the other three previous debates by personal attacks between the candidates.

Online surveys offer little scientific results, but they may help measure the enthusiasm aroused debate on the Internet, according to Time magazine noted in its survey website.

In this sense, according to Twitter, during the Trump debate she garnered nearly a quarter of the talks of this network (24%), followed by Bush, Carson and Cruz (all three tied for 12%), ahead of Rubio (11% ), Kasich and Paul (both 10%) and Fiorina, who starred in 9% of the dialogues on the social network.

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