News Daily Spot: The European Union does not want a "minimal agreement" in Paris

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The European Union does not want a "minimal agreement" in Paris

European Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy, Miguel Arias Canete, warned that the European Union (EU) do not want a "minimal agreement" at the summit in Paris, but a "ambitious", with binding commitments and mechanism review every five years to raise efforts.

"We will have an agreement in Paris, that does not bother me, but I worry that we end up having a minimalist agreement and the EU wants a good agreement, an ambitious, not just any agreement just to have one," he said at a press Arias Canete Press, Efe reported.

"Perhaps more important than reaching an agreement, is to get the right deal to take us where we need to be," stressed the EU Commissioner.

Five days before the start of the summit, which will bring together representatives of the international community in the French capital until December 11, Arias Canete warned that there is still "much work ahead" to achieve simplification of the current draft, "long, complex, with too many options. "

European Commissioner advocated seal a "universal" agreement and said that the summit is necessary "to make clear that what unites us is more important than what separates us," so that "we can not lose the opportunity to take this step historical to reduce emissions. "

The Spanish politician said that the European Union and elsewhere want a legally binding agreement, and said the EU defended a "dynamic process" to review every five years is included.

Arias Cañete recalled that the commitments put on the table until the time for the most parts, the global temperature will rise 3 degrees Celsius by the end of the century, ie, a degree of order that defends the EU, which is to limit global warming to 2 degrees.

Therefore, he reiterated the importance of introducing a mechanism in the protocol sunset review.

He also indicated that if the United States has a problem to make binding commitments, it must convince the other partners how it will ensure compliance with the measures take to reduce global warming.

The commissioner also placed the emphasis on not only the commitments on mitigation should be "very strong" but that adaptation to the same level of importance, while funding targets and technology transfer are agreed.

On the question of "loss and damage", the commissioner said the EU "sees with positive eyes" to be introduced this notion within the protocol itself, including separate paragraph of adaptation, as advocated by some parties.

Cañete also said the EU would not oppose other markets partners believe carbon dioxide (CO2) "if not only paper and if you really have an impact on climate change."

He also showed a favorable agreement that the need to "make progress" to reduce emissions from aviation and maritime sector is recognized.

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