News Daily Spot: The dictator Kim Jong-un had executed another official trust

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The dictator Kim Jong-un had executed another official trust

The bloodthirsty North Korean regime of Kim Jong-un has killed numerous officials who for decades served the dynasty. In the last hours, there was speculation about the possibility that a new leader has been added to that list, after his name did not appear on the official list of guests at a state funeral.

Choe Ryong-hae, member of the Standing Committee of the Politburo of the North Korean Communist Party, is one of the closest confidants of dictator Kim. Even in September he was sent to China, only deCorea ally North, on behalf of the regime.

According to experts, their absence from the official list has many explanations. If Choe was ill and could not attend the funeral of guerrilla and political-Ri Ul Sol, his name would have been released anyway.

"It is almost impossible that this has occurred, unless Choe has been removed from the top positions," said Cheong Seong-Chang, an analyst at think tank Sejong Institute in Seoul.

"I suspect it Choe may have been involved in serious problems, including a corruption scandal or defamation," he added.

If confirmed this information, it would be the first case of an official Kim's inner circle who is killed by the regime of the dictator.

In December 2012 began a wave of gruesome killings to the murder of his uncle Jang Sung-taek.

According to reports from North Korea's defense, the military chief Yong Hyong Chol was executed in May this year by falling asleep during a military meeting.

The latest reports, many of them come from informants infiltrated South Korea indicate that about 15 senior officials were killed in recent times. These include including two deputy ministers. One of them was executed for defying the policies of Kim and the other accused of watching pornography.

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