News Daily Spot: Peña Nieto rejects legalization of marijuana

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Peña Nieto rejects legalization of marijuana

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, reiterated today that personally is against the legalization of marijuana because it opens the way for the "consumption of more harmful drugs," but called to open a "broad debate" to define the way forward on the issue.

"I can not be sole owner of the truth" that is "my personal belief," said Peña Nieto at an event in Mexico City, which referred to the decision of the Supreme Court to authorize four seeding and consumption of grass for games, announced last Wednesday.

Peña Nieto stressed the importance of both the Executive and Legislative promote a "broad debate" with subject matter experts, including sociologists, doctors, academics, in order to arrive at an "appropriate and wise" conclusion on what should be the regulation.

In this search for a "way forward", the president said that the government has heard from the ruling "positions" found on the road to take was issued.

On November 4, the First Chamber of the High Court issued a judgment favorable to the use of grass for recreational purposes to benefit the four complainants consider that the General Health Act affects the right to free development of personality and self-determination against its consumption.

The president, who ruled the respect in the day of judgment, reiterated today that the decision notes that this substance produces effects on health and does not involve the legalization of consumption.

"But it sets a precedent to open a broad debate on the use of marijuana," he said.

The purpose of this discussion, he said, will go "beyond" of the ruling.

Unlike consumption, he hoped "no way" this will lead to "an openness and liberalization" consumption "more harmful to personal and public health" drugs.

Likewise, the debate will create a "regulatory framework", as brand judicial precedent, consider the consumption of marijuana from "the perspective of human rights" and not from "criminalization" of "making subjects of law criminal "who use the substance, he said.

"What is given here in Mexico in this debate is not unique to our country, is something that happens in the world, about the eventual legalizing the use of marijuana," she recalled the president, who called for "joint" position Mexican "internationally".

The promoters of this protection that has paved the way for the legalization of marijuana in Mexico looking to him for a change in drug policy. EFE

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