News Daily Spot: A ceremony to remember the 28 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall

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A ceremony to remember the 28 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall

Berlin today remembered with a simple ceremony for victims of the wall which for 28 years divided the city until its fall on November 9, 1989, date in which began the path to German reunification.


In the main event, held at the Memorial of the Berlin Wall in Bernauer Strasse -the street that symbolizes the citizenship- partition, representatives of the city-state of Berlin, the federal government and numerous guests laid roses and lit candles in memory of the victims.

During Mass in the Chapel of Reconciliation, located where called death strip was the Hungarian Sandor Fazakas theologian recalled the fall of the Wall 26 years ago as a sign of "citizens yearning for true freedom".

He also pleaded not forget the countless people who "risked and lost their lives in the shadow of the wall for this freedom".

The human rights activist in the days of the German Democratic Republic (GDR) Neubert Hildigund drew a parallel between the reunification of Germany and the current challenge to integrate hundreds of thousands of refugees from other cultures and religions.

The result of the German reunification in 1990 it was also uncertain, he said.

"The reunification was a risky business without historical precedent, since economically and mentally," said Neubert, who stressed that today we can say that was a positive achievement and that Germany was strengthened.

In the 28 years of the so-called wall of shame, whose construction began on August 13, 1961, at least 136 people were killed along its 155 kilometers try to move to the western side.

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