News Daily Spot: Obama will take the Supreme Court blocking its immigration measures

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Obama will take the Supreme Court blocking its immigration measures

The government of US President Barack Obama, the Supreme Court will lock its immigration measures, whose suspension was endorsed Monday by an appeals court, said the Department of Justice. EFE

"The Department disagrees with the adverse ruling of the Fifth Circuit and intends to seek further review of the Supreme Court of the United States", said Justice Department spokesman, Patrick Rodenbush.

The Government's decision to bring the case before the High Court, the highest court in the land, was eagerly awaited by activists and immigrants, and encourages potential on immigration policies of the president in the middle of an election year battle that will lead to the election Presidential 2016.

A favorable ruling from the Supreme Court is seen by advocates of immigrant rights and the White House as the last hope for the programs promoted by the president to take effect before the president finished his term leading the country in January 2017 .

The Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit US, based in New Orleans, ruled Monday against two key measures to prevent the deportation of millions of undocumented immigrants.

Thus, blocking the deferred action (CCIP) for young immigrants and their parents equivalent (DAPA) will continue for at least several months until the Supreme rule.

DACA is protected from deportation from 2012 to over half a million young people who entered the country as children and DAPA, which has not yet been launched, would benefit parents of US citizens or legal residents.

The plaintiffs against these programs are a coalition of 26 states, mostly Republicans, led by Texas and holding the executive action Obama immigration are too big a change in the policy of the country and for the president to act without authorization Congress.

Obama decided to use his executive power to provide immigration relief to millions of immigrants after the legislature, controlled by, was unable to pass comprehensive immigration reform that would put an end to a system that both Democrats and conservatives considered "broken Republican opposition ".

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