News Daily Spot: Kosovo failed to enter as a member of Unesco

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Kosovo failed to enter as a member of Unesco

The General Conference of Unesco voted today against accepting Kosovo as a member of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, not receiving the backing of two-thirds full.

The entry of Kosovo within the UN agency received 92 votes in favor, 50 against and 29 abstentions, while 15 countries did not attend the vote, so it did not reach the minimum support necessary 95 states.

Kosovo will not be resubmitted for a vote until the next General Conference of the organization, to be held within two years, sources of Unesco.

The diplomatic moves of recent days announced a lively debate between those who want to formalize the international recognition of Kosovo with its integration into the organization and those who reject it.

The latter include in particular Russia and Serbia, who have made an active campaign to prevent Kosovo's membership in Unesco.

For the initiative of the income of Kosovo, which was originally launched by Albania come out later, he was to have received the support of at least two thirds of the countries attending the General Conference and also two thirds of the voters.

Nevertheless, the Executive Board of Unesco in October had given its approval to the incorporation of Kosovo, supported by resolution 1244 of the Security Council of the UN.

Although deeply divided, that body that prepares the work and dossiers of the General Conference, supported the measure by 27 votes in favor, 14 against and 14 abstentions.

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